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What is it?

Cakeshop is a set of tools and APIs for working with Ethereum-like ledgers, packaged as a Java web application archive (WAR) that gets you up and running in under 60 seconds.

Cakeshop can either start up a geth node, which you can then interact with using the Cakeshop front-end, or it can be connected to an Ethereum-like node, such as Quorum, that you already have running. A given Cakeshop instance connects with one node on the blockchain network you connect to.


Out of the box you get:

  • Node Management - Fully functioning Ethereum node (via geth), setting up a cluster
  • Blockchain Explorer - view transactions, blocks and contracts, and see historical contract state at a point in time
  • Admin Console - start & stop nodes, create a cluster and view the overall status of your network
  • Peer Management - easily discover, add and remove peers
  • Solidity Sandbox - develop, compile, deploy and interact with Solidity smart contracts

It provides tools for managing a local blockchain node, setting up clusters, exploring the state of the chain, and working with contracts.

The Cakeshop package includes the tessera and constellation transaction managers, a Solidity compiler, and all dependencies. Cakeshop will download the latest version of quorum and bootnode from geth (to use a different version, see here)