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Getting Started Overview

This section details several ways to start using and working with Quorum, ranging from using a pre-configured sample network running in a virtual machine, to creating a full network from scratch.

Quickstart with Quorum Examples’ sample network

The easiest way to get a network up and running is by working through the Quorum Examples. These examples provide the means to create a pre-configured sample Quorum network that can be started and be ready for use in minutes. The examples give the option of running the network either in a virtual-machine environment using Vagrant, in containers using docker-compose, or locally through the use of bash scripts to automate creation of the network.

Creating a network from scratch

Creating a Network From Scratch provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create and configure a Quorum network suitable for either Raft or Istanbul consensus. It also shows how to enable privacy and add/remove nodes as required.

Creating a network deployed in the cloud

Quorum Cloud provides an example of how a Quorum network can be run on a cloud platform. It uses Terraform to create a 7 node Quorum network deployed on AWS using AWS ECS Fargate, S3 and an EC2.