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Quorum and its Privacy Managers can be installed and used as Docker containers, by building from source, or by downloading pre-built release binaries.

As containers

Docker containers exist for Quorum, Tessera and Constellation and can be found at the quorumengineering Docker repository:

docker pull quorumengineering/quorum
docker pull quorumengineering/tessera
docker pull quorumengineering/constellation

From source


  1. Clone the repository and build the source:

    git clone
    cd quorum
    make all

    Binaries are placed in $REPO_ROOT/build/bin. Add that folder to PATH to make geth and bootnode easily invokable, or copy those binaries to a folder already in PATH, e.g. /usr/local/bin.

    An easy way to supplement PATH is to add PATH=$PATH:/path/to/repository/build/bin to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_aliases file.

  2. Run the tests:

    make test

Privacy Managers


Tessera is a production-ready implementation of Quorum’s privacy manager. It is undergoing active development with new features being added regularly.

Follow the installation instructions on the Tessera project page.


Constellation is the reference implementation of Quorum’s privacy manager. It is still supported but no longer undergoing active development of new features.

Grab a package for your platform here, and place the extracted binaries somewhere in PATH, e.g. /usr/local/bin.

As release binaries

The pre-compiled release binaries for Quorum, Tessera and Constellation can be downloaded from the following links:

Once downloaded, add the binaries to PATH to make them easily invokable.