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Running Constellation



  1. Install supporting libraries:
    • Ubuntu: apt-get install libdb-dev libleveldb-dev libsodium-dev zlib1g-dev libtinfo-dev
    • Red Hat: dnf install libdb-devel leveldb-devel libsodium-devel zlib-devel ncurses-devel
    • MacOS: brew install berkeley-db leveldb libsodium

Downloading precompiled binaries

Constellation binaries for most major platforms can be downloaded here.

Installation from source

  1. First time only: Install Stack:

    • Linux: curl -sSL | sh
    • MacOS: brew install haskell-stack
  2. First time only: run stack setup to install GHC, the Glasgow Haskell Compiler

  3. Run stack install

Generating keys

  1. To generate a key pair “node”, run constellation-node --generatekeys=node

If you choose to lock the keys with a password, they will be encrypted using a master key derived from the password using Argon2id. This is designed to be a very expensive operation to deter password cracking efforts. When constellation encounters a locked key, it will prompt for a password after which the decrypted key will live in memory until the process ends.


  1. Run constellation-node <path to config file> or specify configuration variables as command-line options (see constellation-node --help)

Please refer to the Constellation client Go library for an example of how to use Constellation.