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Legacy server settings


Legacy server settings were part of Tessera v0.5, v0.6 and v0.7. They have deprecated for, but still work with, v0.8 and v0.9 and may be removed for any future versions.

The server settings are defined as following:

"server": {
  "hostName":       "<Hostname to advertise. Includes url scheme but not port e.g.>",
  "port":           "<Port that will be used to expose Tessera services>",
  "bindingAddress": "<Full interface to bind. Includes URL scheme and port. e.g.>",
  "sslConfig":      <...>,
  "influxConfig":   <...>

If the address to advertise keys on is the same as the address you wish to bind to, then the bindingAddress may be omitted, for example:

"server": {
  "hostName":     "",
  "port":         9999,
  "sslConfig":    <...>,
  "influxConfig": <...>

InfluxDB Config

Configuration details to allow Tessera to record monitoring data to a running InfluxDB instance.

"influxConfig": {
  "hostName": "[Hostname of Influx instance]",
  "port": "[Port of Influx instance]",
  "pushIntervalInSecs": "[How often to push data to InfluxDB]",
  "dbName": "[Name of InfluxDB]"

Unix socket file

Path to the Unix domain socket file used to communicate between Quorum and Tessera.

"unixSocketFile" : "/path/to/socketfile.ipc"